Friday, February 26, 2010

Why am I being tested?

So I was blessed with a wonderful new job at the end of January. A true answer to prayers. Not only did we need it financially, I needed mentally and emotionally. I needed to be doing something, anything. So why after a month have I not been paid? A computer glich, a missing piece of paperwork, a banking issue. Who knows. But it certainly is a test. It's test of my patience (which I have none), it's a test of my attitude (which has been HORRIBLE), it's a test of my dedication to this job I love! But who wants to work without compensation. Now to be clear I am being paid, just not in the time frame I was supposed to be paid. My first payday was Feb 11. I didn't get paid then because for a number of reasons my paperwork was not filed on time. "You have to wait until next payday" they said. That day was yesterday. After literally 20+ phone calls I finally found out it wasn't my fault. It was a problem at headquarters! "You will need to wait until next payday" they said again today.

God, I know it's a test. I just pray I pass it! ~Reanda

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yeah right!

Ok, so I am just not dedicated enough to run in the cold, the snow/rain, and the wind. I wish I was. So I have not been staying on top of this whole running thing. I am still doing my first 5k in April. So I need to kick it in high gear. I am joining Anytime Fitness tomorrow (when I get paid from my new job!). I guess I will train on the treadmill and then hit the streets in March when the weather turns around. I just hope that treadmill training will transfer to running on the ground ok! We starting with a really flat course so Sarah and I should survive ok! She is doing so much better than me. I think she is on W3D1 of C25k.

I will get my act together. The weather is supposed to turn around some this weekend. I think we are looking at temps in the 40s. Heck, that's a heat wave for us.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

C25K: W1D1

So here I am documenting my quest to run my first 5k. I have a running partner, Sarah, who doesn't get to train with me, but we are both using C25K to track our progress. I started last night. It was cold running outdoors. I think the temp was about 29 F. I had on plenty of clothes but I had to weat real running shoes vs my Vibram Five Fingers ( Today my legs are killing me! I had a hard time and missed out on the last couple of "run" segments. I am blaming the shoes. I have not had that hard of a time on W1D1 in the past. So now I am thinking I need to use a treadmill until it warms up enough for the Five Fingers.

Sarah and I have chosen our first race: Race for the Cure, Indianapolis, April 17. This give us both plenty of time to complete C25K.

I am also wanting to use the Chi Running techniques. My cousin, Terri, turned me on to it. The website is:

I would like to take a quick moment to thank my friend Cali for encouraging my newest quest. She has been a huge influence in this decision. Thanks Cali!

I am also going to track my weight loss and progress on this blog. I have taken before pics but I won't be posting them until I have after pictures to make myself feel better! Let's just say I cried when I saw them! In addtion to running I plan to start a weight program as well. Jerry and I are considering joining Anytime Fitness (

I am going to brutally honest with my self on this blog. I have hit a weight of 159 lbs. I am hoping to get down in the 130s as quickly and as healthy as possible.