Friday, February 26, 2010

Why am I being tested?

So I was blessed with a wonderful new job at the end of January. A true answer to prayers. Not only did we need it financially, I needed mentally and emotionally. I needed to be doing something, anything. So why after a month have I not been paid? A computer glich, a missing piece of paperwork, a banking issue. Who knows. But it certainly is a test. It's test of my patience (which I have none), it's a test of my attitude (which has been HORRIBLE), it's a test of my dedication to this job I love! But who wants to work without compensation. Now to be clear I am being paid, just not in the time frame I was supposed to be paid. My first payday was Feb 11. I didn't get paid then because for a number of reasons my paperwork was not filed on time. "You have to wait until next payday" they said. That day was yesterday. After literally 20+ phone calls I finally found out it wasn't my fault. It was a problem at headquarters! "You will need to wait until next payday" they said again today.

God, I know it's a test. I just pray I pass it! ~Reanda

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  1. I'm sorry it's so tough for you right now. I actually had a very similar situation with a job a few years back, so I totally get your frustration and anxiety about the situation. Especially when it's totally out of your hands. Don't worry though, I'll keep praying for you. As for the running, I'll just say that it was tough for me to start running in the winter time. But not to worry, a treadmill is better than nothing. I really tried to do at least 2 days a week outdoors so I wasn't doing all of my runs on the treadmill, so I'd pick the warmest two days of the week and force myself to do my runs outside on those days. Some weeks I did better than others. Just keep up the good work and you'll do great in April. And before you know it, 5K's will be a warm-up! Love you babe!