Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yeah right!

Ok, so I am just not dedicated enough to run in the cold, the snow/rain, and the wind. I wish I was. So I have not been staying on top of this whole running thing. I am still doing my first 5k in April. So I need to kick it in high gear. I am joining Anytime Fitness tomorrow (when I get paid from my new job!). I guess I will train on the treadmill and then hit the streets in March when the weather turns around. I just hope that treadmill training will transfer to running on the ground ok! We starting with a really flat course so Sarah and I should survive ok! She is doing so much better than me. I think she is on W3D1 of C25k.

I will get my act together. The weather is supposed to turn around some this weekend. I think we are looking at temps in the 40s. Heck, that's a heat wave for us.

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